Cutler In Haiku: Forget The Damn Injury

Cutler Leaves 2011-1-23.jpg

Tribune Photo by Brian Cassella

When can we discuss
Cutler’s zero point first half
Not his injury?

He’s not a “pussy”
Just a shitty quarterback
But you knew that, right?
As I write this, two of the most popular posts on ChicagoNow are about fans complaining that Jay Cutler should have toughed it out and started the second half of the NFC Championship game against the Packers.  
The powers that be at ChicagoNow even decided that this non-issue should be the “hook” of a Facebook item about one of those blog posts.  
To their credit, the bloggers in question just seem to be reporting what fans – and other NFL players who didn’t make the playoffs – are saying.  I don’t believe these bloggers are actually wondering about the size of Cutler’s cajones. There are also some actual sports columnists defending the toughness of our shitty quarterback.
But is this really what we, as fans, should be worried about?  Can we please stop this nonsense? 
A big reason the Bears were close enough to tie the game in the last two minutes was because Jay Cutler was NOT playing quarterback.  Caleb Hanie managed to do what Cutler couldn’t … SCORE SOME POINTS!
Maybe the offensive line didn’t provide enough protection … maybe the receivers should have caught some of those (very long) passes.  (Did I mention that some of those passes were terribly overthrown?).  But somehow they managed to perform when Caleb Hanie, and not Jay Cutler, was playing under center.  Maybe Lovie Smith or Mike Martz should have called different plays.  But somehow their play calling worked much better when Hanie was running the plays.  
In any case, the injury is not the issue. Cutler’s failure to get any production out of his offense is the real issue.  Admit it, Bears fans, our team was better off once it was decided (whether by Cutler, the coaches or the doctors) that our “star” would not return for the second half. At least once the failed Todd Collins experiment was abandoned.  
Stop the madness. Admit that Jay Cutler is not a pussy. He’s just not a very good quarterback when it really counts.  

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