Bears In Haiku: Packers 21, Bears 14

Birthday Wish 2011-01-23.jpg

Sorry, kid. (Tribune Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo)

After today’s game
We have a choice of haiku
Which do you prefer?

Do we spend our time
Heaping scorn on Jay Cutler
With something like this:

   Thank you, Caleb H.
   Without you we had no chance
   Screw you, Jay Cutler

   Your poor performance
   Can’t be blamed on injury
   Half a game of crap

Or do we take heart
In QBs of the future
By taking this stance:

Thumbnail image for Hanie 2011-01-23.jpg

So Caleb Hanie
Has a future with this team
Cool under pressure

Despite two pickoffs
The young man was impressive
Today’s one bright spot

We had a little debate at Chicago Sports In Haiku World Headquarters deciding how to react to today’s loss.  In the end we decided to post both perspectives and ask you to tell us in the comments whether we should bemoan the disappointmenting performance of our “star” quarterback or celebrate the potential of the young man who kept us in the game until the very end.  Maybe a little of both?
What do you think?

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