Haiku Meltdown: Zambrano Loses His Mind

Zambrano in Dugout.jpg

Carlos Zambrano was about to explode after the bottom of the first

Carlos Zambrano
Indefinite suspension
For this explosion:

If MLB has already forced YouTube to take down the video, just click here for video from the MLB website.  Then explain to me why MLB doesn’t allow embedding of their videos.

After an awful first inning, in which he gave up 4 earned runs, Carlos Zambrano completely lost his mind.  The ensuing dugout tirade, which seemed aimed in large part at Derrek Lee, resulted in Lou Piniella sending Carlos home for the day, and Jim Hendry suspending him indefinitely (“we’ll play with 24”) pending MLB and Players’ Union investigations.  
More – including some interesting history – after this photo gallery from Friday’s first inning

Do you remember that during last year's BP-Cup-Less Crosstown Classic, another short tempered Cubs player was sent home early?
Just a year ago
Lou sent Milton Bradley home
From the Cubs-Sox game
It was Friday, June 26, 2009 when Milton Bradley attacked a Comiskey Park Gatorade machine and was sent home early by Lou Piniella.  What is it about The Cell in June that drives Cubs head cases to the brink?
Will this episode
End like Bradley's did last year?
This Cubs fan hopes not.  

They should suspend him
There should be consequences
For such behavior

But don't pack his bags
Zambrano is not Bradley
He blames the right guys
There are Tweeters and bloggers on all sides of this issue. Many are saying "good riddance" others are calling Zambrano an "embarrassment".  I come down a bit in the middle.  While I like the emotions, and welcome almost anything that will get this team motivated, I do believe this tirade crossed the line.  Let Zambrano sit for a couple of starts, it's not like those missed starts are going to make any meaningful difference in the chances the Cubs will be playing baseball after October 3rd.  


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  • I am amazed that so many have decided that Z''s outburst is a show of emotion for losing, well hate to break it to you z fans but it was as selfish a move a very selfish move on Z's part, his outburst and sick behavior was not for them losing but he was trying to hide his worthless performance that has been going on since he got the big deal. How mny games has he won since 07? How many games has he missed because of fat problems? How many games has he missed because he has back problems? How many teammates has he attacked because he is trying to blame others for his poor performance? Have any of you seen ths bum pitch this year? He is all over the park with his pitches, and he has lost a lot of velocity of his fastball and he never had a curve ball, his control is about as good as a blind man trying to walk down the middle of michigan ave during the 5 pm rush hour. If any of your have participate in sports you know that to badger your teammates after giving up a 3 run blast. Z has very poor control look at his balls/strikes not much difference he is all over the place, a change is necessary send Z to Seattle or the White sox since Ozzie seems to think he can handle him that in itself seems like you dont understand the latin players but I do what crock Z is a bum and he wont change. I can see Z and the sox's catcher in the dugout after Z gives up a 500ft shot going after the catcher because he called the pitch z blames everybody for his piss poor performance yea send his butt to Seattle

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