The Cubs In Haiku: Year One


New Cubs ad campaign
Year One of Ricketts era?
Is that what it means?

Are we being told
To forget about the past
One hundred plus years?

I just can’t do that
Too many great memories
But Cubs fans want more

So here’s the slogan:
“Our greatest days. Now on deck”
That sounds good to me.

The tile ad shown above – with the “Year 1” banner – was in the Chicago
Tribune DayWwtch email I received this morning.  It’s the first time
I’ve seen it, and Al Yellon at Bleed Cubbie Blue reports that the banner also appears on the Cubs
pocket schedule
being distributed at Wrigley Field, with the slogan
“Our greatest days. Now on deck.”

Hope springs eternal
That’s what Cubs fans always say
I’m ready. Are you?

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