hey look, my feet!

hey look, my feet!
After 270 days, I hit my 100lb weight loss goal!  Yesterday I made the announcement thinking it was big enough news to share before Wednesday.  And I also thought I should take some time and reflect on losing 100lbs today!

How did I react?  I was quiet.  I thought I would have shouted, yelled or done a dance or something.  In my head, I started to visualize that moment, and saw myself making noise and celebrating.  In reality I was subdued, in a state of shock really.  I weighed myself 3 times to check the number and then snapped the picture to send out and show Pam.  I just walked up and showed her the picture and enjoyed her reaction.

After posting and emailing the news a lot of people have emailed, texted, tweeted and facebooked their congratulatory notes!  Thank you all!

A couple of questions sort of threw me for a loop.  Some folks asked me
what I was going to do now.  Well, I still have 3 other goals to knock out, unfinished business to take care of…I have a marathon to run and about $2,300 to raise for the American Heart Association.

I was asked if I am planning to lose more weight?  Yes,
as I’ve said I’ll keep working to lose weight, and see what comes off. 
I am still flabby and have more to lose.  Obviously, I’ll get to 210,
well before Dave will but I could lose more.  Who knows.

A couple people asked how it felt to hit the 100lb mark?  I hadn’t really thought about how I feel about this, and I think I gave a few blanket statements.  I’ve had all day to think about it and come to the conclusion that it hadn’t really sunk in.  I think that explains the subdued feeling this morning on the scale.  Having the day to step back and think, it’s quite an accomplishment.  I’m amazed and proud of myself.  It’s effing awesome…as scared I was to start, I’m SO glad I did.

As I’m a numbers geek, I crunched some numbers.  I’ve lost 100.8 lbs in 270 days…almost nine months.  It’s like I was reborn.  That’s an average loss of .373 lbs a day and and average loss of 2.61 lbs a week.  I’ve lost 12 inches from my waist since I started.  I’m in single XL shirts, and need a new Fuel Belt, size L…not XL.  According to this website, I’ve apparently lost the equivalent of Kirsten Dunst, like she was trapped in my belly…and now she’s gone.

I will say as much confidence as I’ve gained along the way, I still don’t feel
confident enough to go shirtless outside of our apartment.  Yes, I subject Pam
and the girls to that, but I can’t bring myself to do that to the
general public.  I’m sure I’ll get there eventually, but as I said earlier I have more to lose…and I’m still flabby.

So yeah, I’m stoked that I hit the goal.  I can see my feet now, which makes me smile.  Yet, I’m a little unsatisfied…the feeling of having unfinished business is helping me stay locked in and focused.  In a way nothing has changed. I’m still going to run a lot and work hard; I still have two more 1/2 marathons to run, I’m still going to beat Dave to 210 and I’m still going to run the Chicago Marathon

I’ll celebrate on 10.10.10…the whole day, the race will be a celebration of all my hard work over the past year.  I plan to enjoy the day and once I cross the finish line, we’ll party!  I’ve got a ways to go to make that a reality so I can’t take my foot off the gas.  So…I run, like I did this morning, like I will tomorrow and will the day after that!

More later!


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  • Congratulations! =D

  • In reply to phampants:

    Thanks man!

  • In reply to phampants:

    Woo hoo!!!! Nice kid! that is so incredible. As my coach would say, enjoy the feeling and your new found body and fitness level, it gets addicting. I too need a new fuel belt, I finally lost all my baby weight (it only took 4 years!). Although my accomplishment is small compared to yours, it is a great feeling nonetheless to reach a goal.

    As for seeing your feet again? Not sure that is such a good thing, I saw the picture....you and my husband have the same, what we call, monkey toes! He can actually grab things and pick stuff up with them...I'm guessing you can do the same?? Ha! I hope you know I'm teasing. Great work!!

  • In reply to Rtisticfx:

    Thanks! I'm enjoying it...I think I had to let the shock wear off! Congrats on losing the weight! And it's not small, anyone who loses weight and keeps it off has accomplished something great!

    Ha! Yes I can pick things up with my toes AND throw stuff. I used to be able to hit someone on the cheek with a quarter.

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    I knew it!!!!

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    I figured it out!!! Yay Dan!!! Very cool - we've known for a while you were going to blow your goal date out of the water - I hope you can enjoy the feeling of this accomplishment - you deserve it!!

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    As I look here at Chompers, who's just a sack of potatoes over 100lbs, I'm in utter awe. Congratulations on conquering an amazing goal! We salute you =D

  • In reply to ConnieR:

    Well thank you!

  • Congratulations, Dan! So proud of you! :)

  • In reply to LittleRunner:

    Thanks Lauren!

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