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About 2 weeks ago now I started using the new Garmin Forerunner 110, and I have to say I love it.  As a new runner I wanted an easy to use HR monitor with GPS, and that’s exactly what I got with the Forerunner 110

The Forerunner 110 came with a heart rate monitor strap…the cool part, no snapping a sensor on or off the strap, it’s built in.  It also came with a charging/ USB cord.  After opening the box, running through the set up menu and after a short charge, I was ready to go.

I’ve used it on runs of varying lengths…from a few under an hour, to my long run this past Sunday.  And the Forerunner 110 performed wonderfully on each.  One note, to use the HR monitor, you have to sync them by going into the
accessories menu and turning the sync “on”.  I failed to read that
before my first run.

I’m a number crunching kind of guy, and part of my problem before using the Forerunner 110 was not knowing my pace.  Ask Dave Wallach, every run I repeatedly asked him how fast we were going.  I’m pretty sure he’s as happy as I am to be training with the Forerunner 110.  One of my hang ups on runs has been trying to crunch the numbers in my head, and then I get hung up in my head wondering if my math was right…was not fun.

Now, I don’t have to. The Forerunner 110 gives me the info I want.  There are three main screens.  The “offline” screen gives you your standard time and date.  The timer screen shows mileage, your time, and your pace.  And the third is your heart rate info, with mileage and pace.  Scrolling between the three is a simple click of a button.  The Forerunner 110 stores 180 hours of data internally.  And once you connect it to the USB cord, you can easily upload it to Garmin Connect where you can analyze your data, export or share it.

I also like that I can import my run data into Training Peaks…makes it WAY easier to get Coach Jen data on how the run went.

So while I’ve only used the Forerunner 110 for a couple weeks and I’m only scratching the surface on utilizing it in training, I’m in love.  I’ll continue to use it and share more updates!  But if you’re in the market for a GPS heart rate monitor, check out the Garmin Forerunner 110!

More later!

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