Blizzard beater? Tell us about your CTA commute

Blizzard beater? Tell us about your CTA commute

The CTA Tattler is working from home today, so I’m not seeing firsthand whether the CTA is truly prepared for the blizzard,

But surely some of you poor folks had to drag butt to the train station or bus stop. So how was your commute?

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  • Good experience compared to expectations. All LSD express buses are running on Clark, and while I saw a wide variety of Northbound buses (at 8:45), only a couple of the express-type buses came until one started picking up passengers all along the way, despite not being a local. All of us who got picked up are appreciative.

  • Way to go CTA!

  • Easy commute. Walked 1/2 block to the Belmont stop. Red line came as I got to the top of the stairs. I got a seat. One-block walk to the office at Grand. No cars, so no waiting for lights, and humans have taken back the streets!

  • Drifts of snow on Berwyn this morning were so bad that a westbound 92 Foster bus kept getting stuck. People who were out shoveling were helping shovel the street to get the bus through. It still hadn't made it to Kenmore before I got to the Berwyn L stop. Meanwhile, there was another 92 waiting to start its route.

    I waited about 20 minutes for a southbound Red Line at Berwyn. The CA at the stop told me how none of the janitors could make it in so he cleared a lot of the snow on the stairs and in front of the entry. As a sidenote, he had taken the stuck 92 to get to Berwyn. That bus had been trying to get down the block longer than I realized.

    The southbound train I got on was crowded but not too bad at first. Some doors weren't working and there was a guy who was nice enough to point boarding passengers away. The train was standing room only by Wilson and remained that way to Chicago & State where I exited. Michigan Avenue was eeriely empty of cars and buses.

  • Left for work early last night. My stop is in the middle of a block on Clark.
    No busses for 40 minutes, then three in a row.
    First bus never slowed down.
    Second bus driver a sadist. Overshot the stop and so I tried to run after it.
    As soon as I got close, the driver pulled away slowly so I had to try harder to run and get to the door.
    Then he stopped again, and I tried to run again in the zero visibiliy storm with my glasses icing up to close the distance .Then that bus fully pulled away just as I got parallel to the back exit door.
    The third bus was timewise my usual 22 and as it got closer and into visibility range, suddenly the driver reset the front route sign to 'not in service' and accelerated non stop right past me.
    So I took a Taxi.
    We passed at least one of these busses and it became apparent that the Clark street busses were only stopping for traffic signals last night. And Bus stops at stoplights benefitted.
    Busses weren't stopping at bus stops mid -block.

  • I loved the news footage yesterday of the Blue Line zooming along while traffic inched along on 290 and 90. It never fails to amuse me.

  • I have to say the 3rd rail de-icing pump and equipment, as important as it may be that is just sloppily tossed in at the back of a rail car in service looks really tacky. Its like they bought most of it at home depot and could care less how it appears to the general public. I've said it before, and I'll say again. The CTA really needs to work on its image. Even during a snow storm.

  • Taking the train was the easiest part of my commute in this morning!

    After noting the snow on my street was as high as the roofs of the cars parked on it (mine included, ugggh), I waded to my El stop primarilty on the sidewalks, in waist-high drifts. My neighborhood had yet to see any plows, even on California. Once, I lost my balance in an intersection, but just slumped into a chest-high drift. I used the top of a 6' tall iron fence to help me along a sidewalk for about a block. My legs are already sore.

    But, I got up to the platform - which was cleared of snow and not slippery - and listened for the train, which only made its appearance maybe 20 yards past the end of the platform. Since my kegs were caked in snow up to my behind, I did my best to dust everything off before I got onto the train and then elected to stand in the hobo corner, so as not to get anyone else wet.

    Downtown, the streets were sloshy and messy, but not caked in snow like the ones in my neighborhood. I'm being driven home by my boyfriend, who has a 4x4, so I'm hoping the streets will be significantly better by then.

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