CTA intimidation: Big guy pushes gals out of seat

Jim shares this story.

I got on the north bound Red line train
at Jackson. Sitting on the side seat next to the car door was a
middle aged, extra large guy — maybe 350 pounds. He filled more that
one and a half seats. He wore all black. He had headphones blaring Duran Duran from the

The train was packed. The only seat in this car was next to this guy. A woman, looking like she had one of those long days,
tried to fit into that only seat. As she sat down, this guy exhaled and
spread out his body to fill up any available space on the open half
seat. The poor lady stopped. She was stuck, unable to reach the seat because of
this purposeful expansion. Her bottom never touched the seat. She stood
up and gave up at this attempt.

At Monroe, more commuters enter the
train. This time a younger and thinner gal tried to slip into the
seat. He tried to expand again, but she was able to swish into the small
half space of the seat. As the train move forward to Lake and Grand this
massive guy use body English to push into and sway
into this suffering gal’s seat. it was like some professional athlete
using a football chop block to control the floor space of the
gal’s occupied seat.

One could tell that this young miss was very
uncomfortable and annoyed by these purposeful intimidation. Finally, at the Chicago Ave. stop, she stood up in disgust and left, letting the big guy win the battle

All people of all sizes deserve a seat. But intimidating another passenger to give up a seat is just wrong. 


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  • And this is why the seating arrangement on the 5000 cars will be a disaster!

  • And yet someone will come to this mans defense saying he's discriminated against. Just read the crazy going on here: http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/office-oracle/2010/07/fat-discrimination.html#comment-247037

  • Yeah, that's just being a jerk. I'm a big guy, but I try to make as much room as fat-humanly possible when I see that the train is filling up.

  • It's guys like that who make me carry pepper spray. Not that I'd spray it in a train car, I'd just threaten him with it.

  • As I said to a guy the other day, "any chance we could not share my seat?"

  • As someone who's near that guy's weight, there's no reason to take up a seat and a half. Whomever designed CTA seats never met a Chicagoan (just like whatever JCDecaux twit designed our new gap-ridden shelters never experienced a Chicago winter), so there's usually a *slight* bit of encroachment, but even that can be further minimized with if one leans against the window (if you have a window seat) or lets one's self hang out a bit into the aisle.

  • Why would I want to sit where I am not wanted?

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