"Boss Hogg" needs a lesson in CTA etiquette

Don’t be afraid to tell guys like this to move their bags.

boss hogg.jpg

Tattler reader/photographer sailingfanblues reports that the guy sitting behind the bags is a tourist from the South, whom he dubbed “Boss Hogg.” That works for me.

And while I always try to be nice and polite to tourists, we need to teach them how things are done up north. So never be shy in telling someone to move a bag — or their body.

Weekend service changes:
Yesterday I mentioned the bus reroutes on Michigan Avenue due to movie filming. That’s the big service change for the weekend, affecting 22 buses. But there are other changes on the Green, Orange and Purple lines. So check those out. And enjoy a hot, sticky summer weekend.

And personal perogative: Happy birthday to my daughter Moira, featured in and contributor of many Tattler Tales.


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  • I noticed a change in the nomenclature: i.e. instead of the southbound platform, it is now the "63rd St. bound" or "Loop bound" platform or side.

    I wonder if the debate here a couple of weeks ago about the Ashland Green/Pink Lines platform being both north and south was the cause of the change?

  • Haven't the customer alerts (weekday and weekend service changes) used Loop-bound and 63rd-bound (and O'Hare-bound and Howard-bound) for months now? I noticed when they started using that directional information a while ago and thought it was an awkward format.

    I prefer southbound/northbound/westbound/eastbound - except for when it can be confusing - in a case like Ashland/Lake. Then, I'd use - toward the Loop, or toward 63rd. Or even - southbound to the Loop, or westbound to 54th. That makes it real clear, rather than making everything sound awkward just to solve an issue at only two of 140 stations.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    It became confusing only because CTA didn't recognize eastbound and westbound on the L system. It was pretty clear that the Ashland/Lake platform (on the south side of the tracks) was for eastbound trains, not South for the Green Line and North for the Pink. Better now that the platform is in the 63rd/Loop bound direction, as at least that is what is posted on the signs on the platforms (although one could say that 63rd is confusing after the destination sign on the trains was changed from East 63rd to Cottage Grove).

  • In reply to jack:

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  • In reply to leobaz:

    Cottage Grove station is on 63RD and Cottage Grove
    Ashland Station is on 63RD and Ashland

    Thus at Lake street both trains are traveled toward 63rd street.

  • In reply to leobaz:

    I travel to O'hare every week and never know what I should do with my roller bag. Should I sit on the aisle seat and put my bag in the aisle (which makes everyone walk around it) or put my bag on the seat next to me (taking up an extra seat)?

  • In reply to kurtpara:

    If the start replacing the Blue Line cars with 5000s (apparently not for at least a year, now) you'll have to become Toews (7/13/2010 post).

    Somehow, walking around doesn't seem as offensive as hogging the extra seat. The way this picture looks, the guy is hogging two seats without even being able to sit in one (the picture doesn't indicate him sitting in the empty seat with his legs in the aisle, which, again, would require walking around them).

    Of course, you could wait for the nonexistent Block 37 express, which will check your bag. :-)

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  • In reply to kurtpara:

    I avoid plane travel whenever possible--it's not flying, it's O'Hare I'm avoiding. But I've taken to just sending my luggage via UPS rather than deal with luggage and O'Hare. That may not be something business travelers can do though I have arranged with hotels for them to accept the shipment.

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