Orange Line signaling defect prompts slow zones

The entire Orange Line between Midway and the Loop is operating under
slow zone conditions — no more than 35 mph — because of a signaling
defect the CTA discovered.

From the press

Under certain circumstances the defect could potentially
result in a
rail operator not being properly alerted to a train ahead via their
in-cab signal system. While the chances of such an event actually
occurring are extremely rare — a number of other systems and procedures
would need to fail simultaneously in order for this defect to pose a
risk to safety — CTA has implemented additional safeguards until the
signaling fault is properly addressed. . . . CTA engineers have a
proposed solution and are reviewing it with
the manufacturer.

And CTA President Richard Rodriguez’s comment:

“Since the conditions needed for the failure have not been
in place,
there has been no danger to customers. I commend the
due diligence of CTA’s Safety and Power & Way personnel in
uncovering this potential problem and devising precautionary measures to
provide for the safety for our customers and employees.”

And I commend the CTA for its transparency on the issue. I hope it gets
fixed quickly.

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