Fail! Daley's last-ditch effort to avoid service cuts fizzles

About all the CTA brass and unions could agree on today is that Sunday there will be service cuts that will put 1,100 drivers out of work, the Tribune reports:

“There wasn’t really any new (proposals discussed in the meeting),”
Peterson said. “But I think the reality of a thousand people not being
at work might have helped drive home the message that this is real,” he


Robert Kelly, president of the CTA rail workers union, said he hoped
the job cuts and service cuts can be reversed “in seven to 10 days.”

It’s unclear whether that will happen, however, given that union
members already have rejected the demands for cost-cutting concessions.

Exactly. We’ll see what next week brings, aside from less service.


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  • So I don't know what that rail union guy is thinking but um, schedules can only be changed during a pick or the start of a new fiscal year. Unless there's something I'm missing, I can't see changes being reversed before spring unless the CTA Gods will it.

  • A pox on both their houses!

    Lots of coverage on the CPS website about the impact of the cuts on schoolchildren. You'd almost thing that someone in the upper ranks of CPS knew something about CTA operations....

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