Charter train tour to visit track nooks and crannies, benefit rail museum

True rail enthusiasts and train buffs in general will jump at the chance to ride nearly every CTA train line on the CTA’s oldest cars in revenue service — the 2200-series cars built in 1969-70. You’ll get that chance at 9 am on Sunday, March 28, starting at the Rosemont/River Road station on the Blue Line.

This opportunity to ride these cars all day before they are finally replaced beginning next year is provided by the Illinois Railway Museum. The $42 ticket will help the all-volunteer museum purchase indoor storage space for CTA cars already at the museum, located in Union.

The IRM’s Snowflake Special will take riders over just about every rail line and through plenty of non-revenue and yard trackage. 

Order tickets here.

2200-series cars.jpg

2200-series rails cars were first put into service in 1969. They will be replaced starting in 2011 by the 5000 series cars. (Photo by Joe Testagrose from

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