Fair warning given for vomit seat

vomit seat.jpg

Thanks to my daughter for sharing this photo. After all, CTA Tattler is a family affair.


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  • Yay! for whoever left that note.

  • Nasty transit glad i drive.

  • I wish they would use plain fiberglass seats without the fake fabric. It would probably be cheaper, and easier to tell if a seat is clean.

  • In reply to honest86:

    I think that the problem is that plain fiberglass would be too slippery. Some of the turns that the "L" has to make are pretty extreme and I could see people sliding out of their seats (and then suing of course). I think that a vinyl insert might work better and be easier to clean (and easier to notice if it is wet).

  • In reply to eBob:

    Also, in places where it was used on buses, water tended to puddle in them. I don't know if the L roofs and windows are leaky.

  • In reply to eBob:

    CTA managers are a real joke i rather pay a little extra than to have service cuts if you think the seats are nasty now just watch what it look like when job are cut. Get your masks out. PROTEST NOW

  • In reply to eBob:

    Good move on the sign-leaver's part. An EB mad props to him or her.

    I gotta say, Chicago is full of its kind/helpful people (in addition to the rude ones). I once boarded an el car wherein someone had just urinated on a seat. As I nearly took it, people around me stopped me. Bless them. Right after their warning, the smell hit me. UGH!

  • In reply to eBob:

    While I definitely appreciate what this kind rider took the time to do I am thinking about what is not going to happen to that seat. It is not going to be cleaned. The sign will either fall or be removed. So even if a competent CTA employee would have attempted to clean the seat by the time the train is taken out of service for cleaning no one is going to know what happened earlier. I know there will be a smell but who is going to sniff the seats to find out where the smell is originating from?

  • You must be so proud!! :)

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