CTA squeezes $1 million in savings out of vendors

Ask and ye shall receive?

Well, the CTA asked vendors to reduce costs by 4% and they received about $1 million in savings on current contracts.

want to thank our vendors for their responsiveness and willingness to
reduce prices to help us weather the current economic situation,” CTA President Richard L. Rodriguez said in a press release. “We’re doing all we can to carefully control our costs and the cooperation of our vendors is critical.”

Wow, way to go! Do you think that will work if I ask all my debtors to cut 4% off my bills?


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  • Now if we can get them to stop buying those monogrammed trash bags.........


  • The reason they have monogrammed trash bags, KevinB, is so that enterprising employees don't acquire them for their own use or to sell. CPS has monogrammed trash bags with "Chicago Public Schools" emblazoned on them. I think most city agencies have their own personalized trash bags. This is not to say that the city doesn't get all its monogrammed trash bags from a single vendor who, no doubt, is somebody's brother's uncle and jacks up the price. But really it's kind of like the toilet paper my sister brought back to me from London too many decades ago. It was stamped "Property of the British Government" or something to that effect because people were stealing toilet paper and this way it could be easily identified.

  • Perhaps we should "negotiate" with the CTA about the proposed fare hikes since they're receiving $1 million in discounts. I bet there are a few other areas the CTA administration could trim the fat.

  • I think they should put me on the board..I could show them some cost cutting measures that they probably wouldn't like....but would do alot to make them more sustainable....they really need a voice from the public and people who ride the system every day...

    Sounds like they have alot of dishonest employees...I'll bet it costs more to buy the monogrammed ones than they would lose in shrinkage...

  • More axe grinding courtesy of KevinB.

  • "Wow, way to go! Do you think that will work if I ask all my debtors to cut 4% off my bills?"

    Well, there are all those advertisements for people who claim that they will reduce your credit card debt without you having to go into bankruptcy. And, I am sure that if you approach your creditors and say "will you take 96% now or face the risk and expense of collecting 100% later," they'll take the 96%. Also, there are Chapter 13 plans (also advertised by a particular lawyer).

    But, as KevinB indicates, and apparently Huberman was guilty of allowing at the 911 Center (according to the Sun-Times), there probably is enough padding and abuse that CTA vendors taking a slight haircut won't hurt them much.

    As for guitargoddess, apparently Quinn is doing that for you. However, don't forget that both major Democrat gubernatorial candidates are campaigning for an income tax increase after the election, but, supposedly, "only on the other guy." No doubt it will be needed to cover the state spending money, including on this, when it doesn't have any.

  • In reply to jack:

    We need a graduated income tax.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    But first our legislative "leaders" need to graduate from kindergarten!

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    No, we don't. We need to eliminate the state income tax altogether. I, for one, am sick and tired of having to pay for all the graft and corruption of all the incompetent fools who "run" this state.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Besides advocating this (which would require a constitutional amendment), Hynes said* that he was looking for a comprehensive solution, which includes extending the sales tax base [presumably to services]. That wouldn't be consistent with his advertisements that while Quinn wants to raise the income tax, he would only make the wealthy pay their fair share.

    *According to WLS Radio News.

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