Umbrella comes in handy for use against "Mr. Leg Spreader"

To all you guys out there who need to take up 1.5 CTA
seats with your legs spread wide: Watch out for the Tamale Chica Latina woman.
You’re likely to find your thigh firmly poked with an umbrella.:

Last week I was on the Brown Line returning from class. Two middle aged
women and their male companion boarded the train. The two ladies sat on
a side seat and their male friend sat right next to me. He proceeded to
spread his legs as if he were trying a yoga position where you extend
your legs as far to the left and right as you can. I turned, stared at
him and gave him a dirty look.

Mr. Leg Spreader was unfazed, and his two middle aged lady friends noticed but pretended not to see.

Enter the fold up umbrella, one of the handiest tools around. In March, a friend of mine fended off a molester on the CTA using hers. I always have one in my book bag (an umbrella, not a molester). I decided that if Mr. Leg Spreader
had no qualms about shoving his legs into mine and into my sitting
space, I’d have no qualms about using his leg as a table. I plopped my
book bag on his thigh, which technically was where my leg was supposed
to be anyway, grabbed my fold-up umbrella and proceeded to jam it into
his leg., and
other like-minded women.


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  • That's pretty harsh...maybe she should have asked him politely to move before assaulting him?

  • It sounds like the people on that blog are claiming it is a sexual thing, like rubbing up on a girl. I have this happen to me too, though I presume the people are just rude. Is there really anyone can not sit without making their legs into a wide "V"? Not to pick on anyone, but it generally happens with bigger people I've noticed.

  • I was with her as far as using the leg as a table, but the umbrella may have been going a bit too far.

    I would have just pushed back with my leg.

    Of course the L doesn't have the fatso seats yet, although I doubt that a half inch makes much difference to these fools.

  • This woman should be arrested for assualt. I hope she has a good lawyer as he has two witnesses that can confirm that she never said "excuse me" or anything else. This woman neeeds to be arrested before she harms more passengers.

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