Weekend: Blue Line service interruption; music fests, two helicopter lifts reroute buses

So call me fixated on helicopter lifts.

This weekend there are two — count ’em, TWO! — helicopter lifts affecting service for the #20 Madison and #56 Milwaukee (lift at 101 N. Wacker, from 9-10 am Saturday and 8-10 Sunday) and the #22 Clark and #62 Archer (lift at 500 S. Dearborn, from 9-10 am Saturday. Watch out above!

And of course, the Blue Line slow zone work again will shut the subway/El from Washington to Western. Shuttle buses will hit all the stations in between.

A few other bus routes are changed due to various festivals, including Pitchfork, Chinatown Summer Fair, and the 63rd Street Music Festival.


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  • Well, helicopter lifts are pretty impressive. (But are they black helicopters?)

    --the erstwhile Quondam (h)El(icopter) Rat

  • Why do they give Children's Memorial such a hard time about having a heliport for medical emergencies,but routinely allow helicopter lifts for construction projects?

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