CTA Tattler celebrates five years of commuting tales and news

Today marks the fifth anniversary of CTA Tattler.

Here is my first post on June 10, 2004. And here are some of the crazy things I wrote about in that first month.

Certainly the Tattler has evolved from just a chronicle of crazy tales from my Red Line commute to a community of commuters who share news, views and their own tales. I try to mix in CTA news and make the CTA a little more accessible to you by taking your questions and concerns to the CTA.

Of course, the biggest change this year is my address. We’ve only been in our new home for just over two weeks. There have been some hiccups, but we’ve also made improvements. And there’s plenty more being done to spiff up ChicagoNow.

Through all the change, the one constant has been you — my faithful readers. Thank you for being here and participating.

Here’s to another great five years! Cheers!


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  • Congrats, Kevin.

  • Kevin we are so glad to have you. Thanks for all your patience and support as we get the bugs fixed on the beta site. We couldn't have gotten this far without you. Keep up the great blogging!

  • Congratulations, Kevin!

  • So when's the party?

  • Congratulations!

  • Congratulations, Kevin! And as you move up the ranks at the Trib, I hear there might be an opening in Zell's office soon!

  • Happy anniversary, Mr. Tattler. Thanks for giving us a place to freely discuss the transit minutiae that causes our friends and family to want to kill us. I second Cheryl's question. When's the party? Inquiring transit minds want to know....

  • Congrats! Love the site!

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