CTA farecard celebrates Cubs-Sox annual smackdown

Cubs Sox Farecard.jpg

Once again the CTA is trying to capitalize on the yearly Cubs-Sox series with special farecards designed by Chicago artist Steve Musgrave — the same artist who designed the murals featuring Cubs legends at the Addison station.

Thus you might think a certain favoritism would seep into the farecard design. But the artist’s work clearly shows a player outfitted in half Cubs blue and half Sox black.

The farecards will be distributed in vending machines at all CTA rail stations starting today. This year the Sox visit Wrigley June 16-18, and host the Cubs at US Cellular Field June 26-28.

Both stations now boast digital advertising screens that show when the next trains are expected to arrive.

I wonder if the CTA dares to predict the series winners?

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  • I wonder if we will ever get those signs at the Howard St Station, so that we know when a red line is going to leave and when a purple line is coming through.....

    Meanwhile, the delays getting into Howard seem to be getting worse. Last week we sat just outside the yard for almost ten minutes while two empty red line trains just sat in the station.

    A red line was also waiting to get into the station on the other track...and he came up after us, but still got to get into the station first...even though the purple line trains are supposed to be on a schedule...

    Maybe Kevin can get his contacts at the CTA to comment on this ongoing issue.



    P.S. I had to post since Martha seems to be missing me ;)

  • "I wonder if the CTA dares to predict the series winners?"

    As Kevin B suggests, I wonder when CTA will be able to predict when it will get its own house in order.

    I've also been on Purple Line trains where we passed 2 or 3 Red Line trains north of Belmont, but got stuck at Jarvis waiting for them to get into Howard.

  • "I wonder if the CTA dares to predict the series winners?"

    Only if GPS and prediction algorithms are applicable to baseball.

    I agree with KevinB and jack. Howard seems to be having some issues lately. I've spent way too long on a few Sunday mornings waiting for the Purple to pull into the station from its weekend switching point. Usually it's just sitting there, so close yet so far away. This extra time has allowed me, however, to enjoy watching the sparrows building nest in the brand new canopies over the platforms. So nice to know the CTA is reaching out to homeless birds.

    Yes, KevinB, it's just not the same without your rapier-sharp wit and criticisms. In fact, it's just not the same without almost everybody these days. Yeah, there's a guy in charge at CTA who seems to have all the personality of a file cabinet and yes, bus tracker is working fairly well, but that doesn't mean we should abandon the Tattler as our primary forum for bile-venting, warranted and unwarranted. ;)

  • Martha:

    Yeah, I just haven't had the heart to make fun of the new guy. It's no fun with the similarity to the shortened form of his name and a common derogatory term for a person.

    You are definitely right about the file cabinet thing.

    I'm working on my icon too...


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