Ivan Vishnevskiy to Russia... Is Anyone Surprised?

I have finally seen official press release, in english, that Ivan Vishnevskiy has signed with Atlant of Russia’s Kontinental Hockey League (ChicagoSunTimes).

To say that this is breaking news would be a joke.  I think everyone had a feeling that the Russian native might not be with the Blackhawks for the 2011-2012 season, let alone in the U.S. of A. 
If anyone paid as much attention to the IceHogs as I did… you would notice that Vish (as he is called) did not play a whole lot toward the end of the season… in the American Hockey League.  A lot of that WAS due to injuries, however there was a few healthy scratches in there.
This is probably because of the defensive overload on the IceHogs… once Dylan Olsen came in there was going to be some different approaches taken with the defense.  The IceHogs even skated seven defensemen in games and rotated the eleven forwards.
However, Vish seemed to have failed to get a permanent spot on the healthy roster.  So a Russian guy who isn’t getting a lot of time in the AHL would likely start feeling that he’s a little too far from the NHL to stay in the U.S. (just a thought).  Also if Vish stayed and played the entire season in the American League, he would be making around 60,000 (maybe a bit more).
What Russian guy, who’s already had some time in the show, would want to stay in America away from his native land, getting paid pennies compared to that fact that he could make $500,000 playing in the K?
Just a thought and question I’m throwing out there.  Could Vishnevskiy have made it back to the NHL, solid maybe? Did he want to work that hard to get back there… we don’t know.  But this looks like a good a move for him. He gets some good dough and gets to play at home.

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  • 1st Hagel now Vishy.....UGH! What is going on Ice Hogs?

  • In reply to risfam2001:

    There's a difference between the two. Hagel brought something - toughness - to the rink that the Blackhawks may have actually needed. Vishnevskiy had his chance w/ the Stars a couple years back, and never found the spark to stay in the NHL. Him taking a contract in Russia removes at least one decision from Stan Bowman's desk this summer.

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