I didn't grow up on a commune, and I wasn't home schooled. Though I've traveled extensively, I've never slept in a tent. And, while dinners when I was a kid were generally made from scratch, I ate fast food for lunch...often.

When my kids were born I made their baby food- really I just pureed whatever we were having for dinner. One afternoon, though, when my son was about 3, my neighbor and I watched his behavior and personality transform in front of us: from playful and friendly to aggressive and wild after he drank Hawaiian Punch (thanks grandma & papa!). My neighbor suggested that I Google side effects of artificial colors; that's when I started to take a hard look at what's in our food, and how our choices affect our health and the environment.

In 2009, I created Favor the Earth: an online store offering healthier (for us and the environment) alternatives for everyday necessities.  I also maintained a 'daily green' that offered information on various well-being topics.

As a small business owner, I appreciated the American Express Shop Small Day that occurs one day each November. While the theory is great, focusing on shopping small businesses once a year wasn't going to keep them in business. So, in 2013 I added another challenge to my plate and decided to only shop small business for the entire year.

In September, 2015 I merged Shop Small and the Daily Green into one all-encompassing green living blog: Conveniently Green. I'm here to help you discover that healthier living doesn't have to interrupt your everyday life or empty your wallet.

I'm also a certified sports nutritionist and a nationally board certified LMT, so you'll definitely see those topics also.

Have a specific green living topic you'd like me to cover? Know a great small shop you want me to visit? Want to be the first to hear about upcoming classes? Email me at info@favortheearth.com or visit www.favortheearth.com