Drive-thru or made McYourWay: how a fast breakfast favorite stacks up

Mornings are hectic enough without trying to squeeze in breakfast too, right? But…you have the lingering voice in your head reminding you that it’s the most important meal of the day (it is). So, a stop at the drive-thru seems like the ideal choice for something quick to get you back to your day.

blog-switch-2You probably already figure it’s not the healthiest choice… but is it the cheapest and fastest? And, what about the nutrients, are they really that drastically different?

Let’s compare the typical Egg McMuffin to made “McYourWay” at home.

Here’s how they stack up…


Start to finish, the DIY version takes me about 8 minutes. Time at the drive-thru depends on how far our of your way it is, how many cars in front of you, if the cashier had their coffee this am…if the person in front of you ordered 50 things.

Eating healthier isn’t about giving up favorite foods…it’s empowering yourself to control the quality of ingredients. For essentially the same time and price, the DIY version dramatically reduces salt and fat, yet increases vitamins and fiber.

Rethink fast food. It is possible to make healthier food fast. Keep the convenience, switch the ingredients.

Which fast favorite should we makeover next?

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