A key missing requirement for gun ownership: because a mom can figure out what the government can't

I’m sick of government’s empty promises to make our schools safer. “Thoughts and Prayers” aren’t solving the problem either. While I don’t advocate for gun rights and I don’t have them in my home, I did grow up with them in the house. But this isn’t about the right to own a gun.

the-missing-requirement-for-owning-a-gunThis isn’t about mental health background checks.

This is common sense.

One of the most anxious times as a parent of teenagers is when they start drivers education. Your 15 year old child who can barely get themselves up in time for school and often forgets to take out the trash is now in control of a one and a half ton vehicle.

Live in the Midwest and you get to add the fear of them driving in snow, ice, sleet, and fog.


although they’re still new and relatively inexperienced drivers, they had requirements: 50 hours behind the wheel, nine months with a permit, and a final driving test before officially receiving a license.

Regardless that my daughter now has her license, and I’ve had mine for over 30 years, neither of us are legally allowed to drive a motorcycle…drive bus…or drive a semi. We would need additional classes.

Why, then, does proof of age, no criminal history, and passing a mental health background check give automatic accessibility to every gun available in the store?

You want to by a handgun? Sure, show me that you’ve passed the handgun safety course.
You want to by a rifle? Sure, show me that you’ve passed the rifle safety course.
…for every type of gun.

And maybe, if you have to be 21 to buy a beer, maybe it’d be okay to say you need to be 25 to buy a gun. Hell, even car rentals have that requirement.

Is it going to solve violent crimes and end all school shootings? Most likely not. But it’s a start.

You may have the right to bear arms. But you damn well should have to prove that you know how to use those “arms” before you can buy one.

Now imagine if the class instructors were trained to recognize signs of ill-intent. So, just like the driving instructors can say a student isn’t yet safe to operate a vehicle, these instructors can also say a student isn’t ready to purchase this caliber weapon.

Fool proof? No. Licensed drivers still get behind the wheel after drinking, or are texting, or are speeding. But, often to get behind the wheel again after a ticket…they have to take another safety class.

Seriously, government. This isn’t a 2nd Amendment issue. This isn’t a NRA lobbyist issue.

These are our kids. These are our communities. These are our schools.

Stop offering your “thoughts and prayers” and DO something.

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