Simple ingredient substitutions for holiday baking

Holiday baking traditions are delicious, but they’re still a time consuming chore: shopping…measuring…mixing…baking…and endless cleaning. The worst part, though, is realizing you’re missing an ingredient after you’ve begun. Don’t lose your baking mojo by running back to the store, these simple ingredient substitutions are probably already in your kitchen.

blog-2In addition to the convenient baking substitutions below, you might want to keep these cooking conversion tips handy too…

3 tsp = 1 TBSP.
1 fluid oz. = 2 TBSP.
1/4 c butter = 4 TBSP.
1 cup = 16 TBSP.
16 oz = 2 cups = 1 pint

Ingredient substitutions are also a great way to boost nutrients in your baked goods. Sub half of the recipe’s butter for mashed avocado…keeps all of the richness, but adds fiber, vitamin K, potassium, iron, and necessary healthy fats.


If dedicating several hours to baking is impossible for your schedule, break it into bite-size pieces.

Day 1: Make cookie dough, wrap in parchment, and freeze in freezer safe containers for up to three months. Few extra minutes? Shape dough into balls and freeze on cookie tray 10-15 minutes before placing into freezer safe bags. To thaw, set on counter for 10-15 minutes before shaping/baking.

Day 2: Bake and store in sealed containers.

Day 3: Frost and decorate!

Looking for the BEST gluten free flour and cake mixes? These are my favorites.

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