I have a new mantra and maybe my next tattoo: you'll probably want to steal it

This isn’t the post I intended to write tonight. I have another small business I want to tell you about and another Pinterest project that may or may not have gone anything like the “simple” instructions. But, I’ve heard there are a couple of big games on tonight, so I figured a short post that could be read before 6:30 or 7:08 was probably a good idea. So, let me get right to it…I’ve been struggling.

My business isn’t doing well lately, and over the past few months I’ve really had to push myself outside of my comfort zone to try to make it work. Even having my picture on my Facebook cover took much convincing. Adding my 10-second Tuesday videos took takes a shot (or two) of  tequila before I hit publish.

furiously happyLike many writers, I’m an avid reader. I generally have 3-4 books going at once. I was “Furiously Happy” when Jenny Lawson’s new book arrived. If you haven’t read her first book- Let’s Pretend This Never Happened- stop what you’re doing (well, finish this post first) and order it. You’ll laugh out loud, yet feel somewhat guilty because maybe you shouldn’t find her anxiety/ADD/mental illnesses so damn funny. But she does too, and it all makes everyone feel more ok with who they are.

Regardless. I expected to read her latest book and find more laughs, not my new outlook on life.


I’ve wanted another tattoo for a long time, and this may be it. Because it applies everywhere. It may mean speaking in front of a group without wanting to vomit, sometimes it may help ward-off a panic attack facing a packed train station after a Blackhawks rally. And some days it may just be the added motivation to get out bed and face the day.

mantra“Pretend you’re good at it.”

Sort of like speak with conviction and everyone will believe it. But, “pretend you’re good at it” rolls off the tongue, and will be a way better tat.

Whichever fork in the road you’re facing; whatever doubts wake you up at 3am; whenever you’d rather bail than take the next step…just pretend you’re good at it.

So, thank you, Jenny Lawson. Though writing may help you face your battles, you’re really helping me kick my struggles in the ass too.

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