Shop Small Day 279: Jarosch's Bakery

Apparently not much has changed in 2014: if I’m in a different town, I need to find a bakery! Since I was up north, I figured the best way to celebrate a great dental check-up was with a sweet treat (ignore that last sentence Dr. Curcio!). Apparently I wasn’t the only one looking for a treat at 1:00, Jarosch’s Bakery was packed.

In the past 59 years that they’ve been in business, Jarosch’s has learned a thing or two. Namely, that January can be a slow month because everyone wants to eat healthy.

imageSo, they created “mini-month.”

What does that mean? Delicious made-from-scratch pastries in mini-size…Eclairs, raspberry cream, cannoli, cheese tarts…yum!

And, you can also get their coffee cakes in 1/2 portion. Word of advice, though, just get the whole thing. Have them cut it in half and share with a friend, or put the other half in the freezer. Believe me, you’re going to want more!

In addition to delicious pastries, Jarosch’s bakes real bread.  Unfortunately I recently went to the grocery store and didn’t need more bread- their potato bread, though, is on my list for next time.

But, since I haven’t had my cinnamon bread fix in a while, I had to try theirs. You can choose a loaf with or without raisins, and they’ll slice it for you. Even though it was good on its own (and toasted), it’s going to make an awesome french toast this weekend!

Like most from-scratch bakeries, Jarosch’s seems to be known for its wedding/birthday cakes. Can’t attest to those, but I would definitely go back for another coffee cake (raspberry or custard) and to try their breads.

Next time you’re in the Woodfield/Ikea area- drive a couple extra miles and visit Jarosch’s Bakery.

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Jarosch Bakery
35 Arlington Heights Rd
Elk Grove Village, IL

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