Shop Small Day 269: My Happy Feet

This past week, three different women have told me they need to start taking better care of themselves. They workout, eat healthy, but feel they rarely take much-needed time to relax. When there’s cleaning to do, holiday gifts to buy, and a never ending to-do list, sitting down to read a book for an hour to rejuvenate seems out of the question. Maybe today’s small shop will be a good baby step to guilt-free relaxation.

Dog barking after holiday shopping?

Head over to My Happy Feet.

I actually found this little space of zen by accident.

After a hectic week, I was doing a little quick holiday shopping at Room 363.

I had about 30 minutes before an afternoon appointment and the My Happy Feet sidewalk sign caught my eye: 20 minute foot massage for $20.

This I must check out.

imageYou’d never guess that you can be transported to utter relaxation upstairs from Room 363.

I only had to wait about 5 minutes, so a 20 minutes massage was perfect timing.

I was led to a serene room with several chairs (room for you and your shopping partners!), and started with a warm herbal foot soak. As I started to settle in for a little r & r, the massage therapist started with a neck and shoulder massage…nice unexpected bonus!

I know 20 minutes doesn’t seem long, but it was truly enough time to zone out and rejuvenate.

The premise behind reflexology is that acupoints that affect the entire body are found in the feet. So, your whole body actually benefits from the massage.

Although many people still think of massage therapy as a luxury or pampering, really it’s well-being self-care. Massage reduces stress, boosts immunity, improves circulation, and improves sleep quality (just to name a few benefits). I’ll gladly take a massage over a side-effect laden prescription any day (full disclosure, I am a licensed massage therapist too).

Have more than 20 minutes to spare? They offer 40 minute foot massages, and a 40 minute foot massage + 20 minute chair massage combo.

You can schedule an appointment, or you can just walk-in to one of their 3 locations.

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My Happy Feet
232 S. Washington St. 2nd floor
Naperville, IL

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