Shop Small Day 244: Jo & Doh!

Ok, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I’ve always loved the idea of them, but in reality they just never appealed to me. Until today. It was supposed to be a just a little thank you gift for my friend, but I’m not sure if they’ll make them to her house now. Apparently I have finally understand the lure of coffee and donuts. Only from Jo & Doh!.

I think what’s missing here is the typical donut shop sickly sweet smell. Instead,  Jo & Doh! is more like a cute little coffee shop that has a mouth-watering display case.

They serve organic coffee (bonus!) and you can flavor it up if you choose, or leave the sweetness for the donuts.

Today’s “specials?” Hemingway (key lime), S’mores, and maple bacon.


I chose the Hemingway, S’mores, Raspberry filled, and another one I thought was mint but tasted like an inside-out Boston cream!

They didn’t have the pumpkin cheesecake (pictured), but I did consider the thin mint.

Obviously these donuts are a little more gourmet than your typical shop.

Jo & Doh! has comfy chairs and wifi so next time I’m bringing my Ipad & getting a mug of coffee and another donut.

But, I may skip the ipad because it’s really enjoyable talking with owner Mel. His daughter was helping out today too. This is definitely a family run spot.

imageIt’s a really good thing I set a couple aside for my friends before trying “just a sliver” of them when I got home!

Although they do have a website (!), their Facebook page has better info for specials and flavors.

They’re located close to the Naperville DMV, so grab a donut to keep you awake while you’re waiting in line.

Donuts a weekly family treat? Skip the cookie cutter dunkin’, and give these fresh gourmet- made with love- donuts a try.

I’ll take another Hemingway please!

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Jo & Doh!
1292 Rickert Dr #104
Naperville, IL

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