Shop Small Day 232: Earth Mama Esthetics

It’s time to get your Zen on. Probably because I’ve been a licensed massage therapist for 13 years, I’ve never considered massage therapy a luxury. Instead, it’s always been a vital part of my well-being routine. I’ll take a massage to boost my immunity, decrease pain, or improve my sleep quality over medical prescriptions any day. Fortunately, after meeting Debby at En Vogue, I wanted to see what else was new and found Earth Mama Esthetics.


I wasn’t intending to get a massage, I just wanted to find out information regarding hours. But, they had a special offer: 60 minute massage for $50. Sweet!

Since their massage therapist works by appointment only, she wasn’t in there, but could schedule me in an hour. Perfect! Ran a couple errands and then came back to meet Nicole.

She’s only been a massage therapist for a little over two years, but she did a great job alleviating my back pain and recurring headache.

The $50/1 hour deal goes through the end of the month, so schedule your appointment ASAP!

I haven’t tried any of their other services yet: facials, waxing, or skin treatments. So, let me know how those are when you try them.

Despite its strip mall location, Earth Mama Esthetics is warm, welcoming, and a relaxing environment.

If you’re interested in learning more about meditation, aromatherapy, or chakra balancing, contact them as well. It looks like they are going to begin classes soon.

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Earth Mama Esthetics
13717 S. Rte. 30
Plainfield, IL

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