Shop Small Day 189: Wagner's Farmstand

Hooray! My favorite farmstand has opened for the season! The Wagner family moved to Naperville in 1961 and have been selling their homegrown produce ever since. They’ve grown a bit from their original roadside stand, now it’s more of a roadside barn. They’re only open for a short season, so I always make it a point to visit Wagner Farmstand
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The majority of the produce the sell comes right from their farm, including their delicious corn. Produce that they don’t grow (peaches, lettuce, plums) comes from other local midwest farms.

If you incorporate local honey into your diet, for taste or allergies, they have beehives on the farm. So, their honey is collected and sold fresh, with no additives.

Often when I go to farmer’s markets, I hear people ask the local farmers if their produce is organic, and then they walk away when the answer is no. That makes me sad.

The certification for authenticating “organic” can run upward of $10,000. Obviously, for most local farmers, this is just not feasible.

imageWhat is important, is understanding that Wagner Farmstand’s, hands-on approach to farming eliminates the need for toxic herbicides. Additionally, Wagner’s doesn’t use GMO (genetically modified organism) seeds. Concerned about Monsanto corn? No need to worry at Wagner’s.

So, you’ve picked up your fresh produce, choose a few other favorites here and dinner is ready! I love Mrs. Miller’s Homemade Garlic & Parsley pasta, and I’m thrilled that they carry my favorite Annie’s Gourmet Olive Oils. One stop pasta primavera!

So, stop by and say hi to Dawn. She’s always friendly and is incredibly knowledgeable if you’re looking to try something new or need a recipe idea!

New to Shop Small 2013 and want to know how this challenge started? Find out here
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Wagner’s Farmstand
9937 S. Rte. 59
Naperville, IL

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