Shop Small Day 188: wbig1280

It seems like some months, every major purchase comes in on the credit card at once. Yikes! Summer months especially are full of extras: meals out, entertainment, day trips. Saving money is always welcome. Sure you could wait for Groupon to have a random deal near you, or you could find great deals immediately on WBIG 1280.

imageYes, I’m talking about a radio show. It may sound crazy, but try it once & I swear you’ll be hooked.

Here’s the deal (Ha! I didn’t even try with that one!). AM 1280 is a local Aurora radio station. And, at certain hours during the day (usually 10am-12 and 4-7pm M-F, 8-12 Sat.) you can pick up great deals for mostly small businesses around the area.

Need an oil change? How about a local Naperville shop $24.95 certificate for $11? Maybe a $120 certificate wine tasting for 10 friends sounds good…even better for $35!

Told you, these deals can get addictive.

You can shop online and search by category or area. Links to the business websites are provided as well as any expiration information. It’s $1 to have orders mailed to you (sorry, they don’t appear on your phone), or you can swing by one of their “Road Shows” to pick up.

Want even bigger discounts? Listen and shop during radio hours. Some days it’s BOGO, some days you’ll save an extra 30%, and sometimes they’ll include free tickets.

imageWant to get out of town (yeah, I probably should’ve looked before our baseball Dells trips, tons of deals there)? There are plenty of hotel listings in Illinois and the midwest, there’s even a $750 3 night stay in St. Croix for $295.

WBIG1280 is also a great opportunity for small businesses to get the word out, especially new shops. Even advertising in small publishings can be expensive, not with the radio show. Contact them for more information & reap the benefits of great customer testimonials too.

Back to school clothes and supplies add up, so save some money on fun activities and dining. You’re sure to find a fabulous new shop (let me know which ones you discover!) and a great deal.

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The Big Radio Shopping Show
620 N. Eola
Aurora, IL

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