Shop Small Day 167: Katic Breads

Every so often I stumble on a business whose story I love almost as much as their product. Such is the case with today’s shop. I am hooked on Katic Breads.


Here’s the story I learned talking to his sister, Gigi. While living in France, Dusan Katic (Gigi’s brother) realized that bread played a fundamental role at dinner. Not simply to eat, but the process of a family breaking bread together and having real conversations.

Dusan recognized that this is desparately missing in the American culture: families and friends are tuned into their technology, but not each other.

So, Dusan worked and studied to master the art of baking bread, hoping to bring the element of “breaking bread” back to American families.

He’s succeeding. We had a fabulous family dinner (sans technology) at my sister’s last night, “breaking bread” with their delicious ciabatta (I already at half of the baguette before making it out of the market!).

Dusan, believes that too many American bakers are focused on mass producing breads and adding unncessary sugar, instead of utilizing “old-fashioned” slow methods that draw flavor naturally rather than with sugar.

One bite of their croissants and, believe me, you won’t miss sugar.

They’re “oh my god” flakey, with a melt in your mouth delectable inside with the perfect slight crisp outside.

Here’s the deal though, while they’re baked in Aurora, they don’t actually have a storefront. So, with the love & help of family members, you can find them at several farmer’s markets throughout the area.

Forget breakfast tomorrow and head to the Wheaton French Market; Sunday they’re in Oswego; and Thursday in Dekalb.

You can also find Katic Breads at the farmer’s markets in LaGrange, Elk Grove, Palos Heights, and I believe, either St. Charles or Geneva. There are probably more, but they’re pretty busy baking to finish their website.

If you aren’t near any of the above towns, ask them on Facebook for the closest market to you.

Seriously. Once you’ve tried their croissants or baguette, you’ll understand why there is no substitute for quality, old-fashioned bread.

Merci, Katics!

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Katic Breads


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  • I was wondering if your delight with the Katic was really a reflection of the reality that the west suburb has almost none good local bakeries for high quality bread after all.

    I saw Katic in one of the local farmer's market. I don't eat a lot of bread, but I do appreciate good bread. I spent some time looking around to see if I can find some really nice bakery for bread, not sweets. Well I was thoroughly disappointed. I couldn't find any.

    The only ones I found were chains, like Panera, Great Harvest. Most bakeries make sweets, not bread.

    The Katic may have admirable intention, but he fact that it couldn't have a store says as much the fact that people in the west suburb are just completely happy with mass market products.

    If you do have a list of good local bakeries, please share it.

  • George, I'm so sorry I just saw this comment! You are correct in the fact that there are very few traditional bakeries in the suburbs, especially ones with bread from scratch.

    However, I have traveled pretty extensively around the world, and I am not exaggerating when I say that Katic breads has some of the best croissants I've ever had- including those from France.

    Don't misinterpret the lack of a storefront. Katic breads is very new. I think they are incredibly wise in building a huge following before a store even opens!

    I am still on the search for fabulous "everyday" sandwich breads, keep me posted if you find one too!

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