Day 126: Hoosier Mama Pie Company

Since it was a beautiful day, I was in the area, and it’s close to Mother’s Day, I figured it was the perfect time to test out Hoosier Mama Pie Company! “Pie, pie, me oh my” is right (bonus points if you can name the movie). Although pie isn’t my favorite dessert, I’ve been sort of obsessed with wanting to bake incredible pies since I saw the movie Waitress. So, I suppose in the name of research, I must sample some of the best out there, right?!
Owner Paula Haney has been baking up a storm since 2005. The store/bakery is tiny, but they’re big on flavor and plenty of accolades (even Food Network). Awards or not, this is seriously good pie.

They have a fairly extensive pie menu, however, there’s no guarantee that they’ll have each pie on a particular day. I was hoping to try the Fat Elvis, but was out of luck- no Elvis today. You can preorder, but I didn’t have the two day notice time either. No problem though, I had plenty to choose from and ended up with a mini-maple pecan, mini-banana cream, and a slice of Hoosier Sugar Cream.
I was definitely concerned about the pies making it back to the suburbs, but they were just fine. I think it helped that I had my handy pie box & a cooler bag.

I though banana cream was one of the only pies I liked (except my savory Pie Boss finds!), apparently I have never tried Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie before. Oh lord! My son thought it tasted like delicious caramel crepes, my daughter thought it was more like a creme brûlée. I really wish I could come with an accurate description. Their menu describes it as “a sweet creamy brown sugar filling inside a buttery crust.” The best I can come up with…it tastes like summer. Remember those long nights playing outside, symphonies of lightning bugs, tired, dirty, the grown-ups sitting around the patio table, you climb onto your mom’s lap for a bite of her dessert, and it’s almost like getting a little taste of heaven? Yeah, that’s what Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie tastes like.

If you’re planning on bringing your Mama a Hoosier Mama Pie for Mother’s Day, I highly recommend placing an order. I can only imagine that this place is packed on the weekends & holidays.

What’s your favorite kind of pie?

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Hoosier Mama Pie Company
1618 1/2 Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL

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