Day 123: Giesche Shoes

I think the only thing that has changed since I shoped at Giesche’s as a kid is the merry-go-round is gone. That was probably the last time I was there too- riding the merry-go-round and mom buying me stylin’ Hush Puppies shoes. It was slightly weird being there with my kids today; but we needed a store that would fit my daughter’s woman’s size foot and my son’s “junior” size.
I was secretly hoping my daughter would choose the black shoes so I could borrow them too, but she went with the “fun” style instead. image

Giesche Shoes has been in Glen Ellyn since 1948 (they have a Geneva location too), and the store has been passed through several generations of the family. They are still old school in their customer service- sizing and helping try on shoes. The upstairs sale shelves are the only “self-serve” boxes.

The young man helping us was incredibly nice, patient, and knowledgeable about the way different brands fit. Both kids were properly sized (it had been awhile- oops) and each found a pair they liked. If the whole family needs shoes, I don’t know of any other stores where mens’, women’s, and children’s shoes are all in the same area. Prices are reasonable, sale prices are awesome (saw some boots market $39 from originally $200)!

Word of warning…they are incredibly serious about their customers only parking. I swear they had an employee set to just watch their lot, he actually went out to tell the guy to move his car. Considering we were the only people in the store, it seemed a bit excessive, but they’ve been in business for over 60 years so who am I to judge?!

Besides running shoes, where do you shop for shoes for yourself?

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Giesche Shoes
400 N. Main St.
Glen Ellyn, IL


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