Day 87: Cupcakes 2 Remember

I’m writing this in a bit of sugar coma. Just returned from celebrating my grandma’s 93rd birthday (along with my brother-in-law’s, my husband’s, and my birthday too!), and if you’ve ever met my family you know that there is always plenty of food…specifically dessert.

Instead of everyone having their own, though, it’s usually a community plate of everyone sampling each different option. Tonight’s featured dessert was cupcakes- lots of them. Cupcakes 2 Remember are certainly worth remembering.


Yes, we had cookies & cream, pink lemonade, dreamsicle, Heath bar crunch, peanut butter kiss, chocolate od, and I think a Baileys one. I told you- we go big on desserts! But that’s not all…cake balls! Oreo, butterfinger, heath, and M&M. The one I was too full to try was the Fat Elvis: Banana, Chocolate Ganache & Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Frosting.image

My son liked the M&M cake ball best, my daughter chose the chocolate od (incredible for a girl who doesn’t usually like chocolate), my husband liked the heath, and I was content with the cookies & cream.

Two friends opened Cupcakes 2 Remember in 2010 and they’ve acquired quite a following. With summer flavors like Pina Colada & Peach Mango Madness I can see why customers keep coming back for more. My daughter & I have been in their bakery on one other occasion for cupcakes, but they also have muffins, cinnamon rolls, and there were two other customers ordering cakes. image I have a feeling that if my kid’s see the picture of their Blackhawks cake, I know what they’re choosing for birthday cakes this year!

Where do you go for a sweet treat?

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  • fb_avatar

    When we want our favorite cupcakes...we head to Sweet Mandy B's on Webster in Lincoln Park.

  • In reply to Michele Boroughf:

    LOVE Sweet Mandy B's!! Trying to get them to package and sell all of the delicious crumbs they shave off for the "perfect" size!

  • fb_avatar

    I'm Kristi George (one of the owners of Cupcakes 2 Remember). I wanted to thank you so much for writing your blog about us today. Our business was actually started by my mom and myself, and now my daughter works for us. 3 generations. We are a completely from scratch bakery and strive to have the most creative flavors we can come up with. The Baileys cupcakes you had yesterday was actually our Irish Car Bomb which is made with all of the ingredients in the actual drink. Again, thank you for writing about us!!!! We are very grateful!

  • In reply to Kristi George:

    Thank you so much for responding, Kristi. Sorry I had the relationships wrong- love that it's 3 generations! Thank you for creating delicious desserts- everyone from age 10-93 was enjoying them last night! We'll be back soon.

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