Day 71: Cafe Tu Tu Tango!

Ok, this is not the post I intended to write tonight. But then my friend sent me a picture from dinner and I got really hungry! You’ve already heard about my favorite tapas restaurant in the city: Twist in Chicago. When in Orlando, though, it’s all about Cafe Tu Tu Tango!

Not only do they have incredible food, but it is just the coolest place ever.

We happened to find it the last time we were in Florida on a “non-Disney” trip & I’ve been tempted (on several occasions) to fly there just for dinner. Imagine an awesome Spanish bohemian artist’s studio meets fabulous exotic tapas. ALL of the art is for sale (and there’s artwork everywhere!), and there’s usually a local artist or two creating works: portraits, paintings, tarot readers, poets, or even a band.

I know what you’re thinking, a place that looks this cool can’t really have great food too. You’d be wrong! It’s AMAZING… Dynamite shrimp (that’s really the name), Tango Alligator bites, and to-die-for cuba libre┬ápork medallions all washed down with a passionfruit margarita.

I love that Cafe Tu Tu Tango was created (in ’91) by three friends trying to recreate the cafe experience after returning from Barcelona. I love that they support local farmers & fisherman, and I really love the support for artists.

If you’re in Orlando (or have a huge craving for crispy, sweet hot shrimp), don’t miss the experience at Cafe Tu Tu Tango. Don’t worry if there’s a line: have a Gentleman Jackson Pollack…the kids will be entertained by the artwork…it’s well worth the wait.

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