Day 51: Second City Web Stars

As a small business owner, a website is imperative. But, they’re scary, they’re expensive, and often way beyond our tech knowledge.

Since my company is web-based, my website is essentially my store-front. I knew the site I needed was far beyond anything I was capable of creating myself.

We often think of small businesses as the mom & pop retail shops, but lots of service companies are small too. And, while they may not have the bells and whistles of fancy offices and expensive furniture, you can’t beat the customer service.

I’m in year two of working with my web developer and the customer service is just as fantastic today as it was on day one.

Second City Web Design is a small company huge on talent and customer service.


Technology is not my strong-suit, but owner Scott worked through the process in a language I understood. He, and his team, created a site I could picture but barely describe to them,  and they managed to do so on a budget I could afford.

They’re accessible anytime I have questions, and they are fantastic about spelling out the (complete!) costs on improvements as I’m ready to make them.

Start-up business or multi-million dollar company; a million dollar budget or a thousand dollars; your company’s website will have the same importance to Second City Web Design.

They keep your site running so you can focus on the passion of your business.

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