Day 47: Who's your Pie Boss?

I have to admit I didn’t have high hopes for today’s stop. Not because I was hesitant to try South African food, more so because I thought I was already familiar with the taste. Generally foods in a pastry (pot pies & beef wellington) creep me out.

I don’t particularly like crust and soupy food in a crust generally means mush yuck (find that description on Food Network!).

This was no mush yuck.

Let me start by saying that today’s stop was a recommendation from a reader (love that! keep them coming)! Since my daughter’s swim meet was in the vicinity of this local spot, I figured it was a great time to test it out for lunch.

That is what led to my first, and definitely not last, experience with

Pie Boss

Family run, and around almost a year, Pie Boss is located in a non-descript strip mall making anything but non-descript food. It was fantastic!

My daughter and I brought home 4 items to sample: two sweet and two savory pies. The mini-pie desserts were perfect in size and price, $1.50.
Fresh made daily, the apple crumble and custard tart pies were a hit with both of us.

I had a few preconceived notions regarding the savory pies. The first (and last) time I had a pasty I was in high school & I tried to drown the taste with ketchup- though it ended up being spiced ketchup which made the whole thing immentantely worse!

This pasty, however, was delicious. Oddly, I even loved the crust…a lot. We also enjoyed the the pepper steak meat pie. For under $15 we had a great lunch sharing all four pies (we even had enough to save a few bites for my husband and son). Next time I’m definitely giving the spicy mixed vegetable pie a try.
The food at Pie Box was great, and the family (both brothers & their sister were working today) is incredibly nice. Thanks for the recommendation, and now I’m passing it on to you. Their website isn’t high tech, but that’s ok, this family can cook!

My only suggestion stems from my eco-side. 86 the styrofoam containers and switch to a biodegradable option better suited for the environment and your delicious pies.

Ok readers, where else would you like me to try?!

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