Day 44: Feeling "flirty" this Valentine's Day??

Looking to spice things up this Valentine’s Day? 50 Shades of Grey pique your curiosity? Wondering where you can pick up some ahem toys (or costumes or lingerie) without 50 shades of embarrassment?

Well, I put on my big girl pants to find a spot you’d feel comfortable going to alone. Sure, going with girlfriends, or picking up bachelorette party items is one thing, going alone is a whole different story.

The first place I ventured into I actually called my friend first, telling her to check on me in 15 minutes if she hadn’t heard from me. The area felt “shadier” than the actual store, which surprisingly had several cars in the parking lot for early afternoon. Regardless, it was a quick trip because they’re actually a large nationwide company- that wouldn’t work for this Small Business challenge.

But, don’t worry, I found a small business for you to amp up your boudoir this Valentine’s day. Flirty Kitty. Owner Wendy will help you feel comfortable, whether you’re solo or hosting a “surprise party,” and can answer any questions. The store is clean, organized, and feels like a regular boutique- only one for adults only!
Whether you’re looking to spice things up in your relationships, taking your entertainment into your own hands (pun intended!), or shopping for a bachelorette party? Flirty Kitty has what you need. Check out their website too: order online for delivery or store pick-up.

Don’t ask! I’m not telling what I bought.

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