Day 43: Breakfast, lunch, & dinner all for under $10!

Seriously. How many places can you pick up breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert all for under $10? Did I mention it’s made from scratch? What’s the catch? They’re only open three days a week, or while supplies last! Where is this culinary delight?

The Culinary Market at Wheat Cafe.

Never heard of it? You don’t want to miss it!

College of Dupage (which has grown immensely from when I lived across the street) has one of the top culinary schools in the state. Their gorgeous new hospitality building houses the Inn at Waters Edge (green certified hotel), Wheat Cafe (run by students), and the Culinary Market at Wheat Cafe.
The Market is only to-go, and everything is already prepared, though hanging out by the stone fireplace on cold winter days is nice too! They are only open Tuesday-Thursday from 12-2:30, or until they run out (which sometimes happens on Wednesday!).

The Culinary Market menu changes weekly, and varies slightly during the week. Essentially, whatever the culinary students are learning, that’s what they’re serving! And it’s crazy inexpensive.

For example, you ask? My menu today included:
Plain bagels (2 for $1, poppyseed also available)
Penne with sausage ($4, penne with tomato cream sauce, mozzarella and chicken sausage with sun dried tomato and basil)
Cheddar Ale Soup ($2 pint, frozen- so thaw for dinner or keep on hand for another day)
and Vegan Chocolate cake ($2, yes they had devil’s food with chocolate ganache available too).

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert under $10!

There are usually 7-8 breads/pastry options (I definitely look forward to the homemade croissants days!), 3-4 sides/salads (the penne was enough for lunch for myself), and 8-10 soups. If you sign up on their site to have the menu emailed to you each day.

Around the holidays you can usually find decorated cakes, cookies, and cupcakes (around $5 for 6 if I remember correctly). They even take orders for Thanksgiving pies and rolls.

While College of Dupage is quite large, the Culinary Market is small. The locals have their favorites and they go quick. Best of all, the money earned goes back into funding for the culinary students’ ingredients.

Anyone familiar with any other school markets?


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