Day 42: Two Brothers morning, noon, and night!

If you’re from the Chicagoland area, you’ve probably heard of Two Brothers Brewing. They are the epitome of a small business, starting to make it big! Owners (and brothers) Jason and Jim are celebrating Two Brothers 16th anniversary, a great milestone for any small business.

You may have tried Domaine Dupage, Ebel Weiss (my favorite), or Prairie Path Ale. Maybe you’ve sampled some of their seasonal beers: Dog Days, Hop Juice, or my absolute favorite, Pāhoehoe (made with coconut!).

But, Two Brothers Brewing is more than just beer. Visit either of their two locations for incredible natural and organic food.
Check out the original Two Brothers Tap House for brewery tours and their awesome fish tacos. Just a word of warning, it’s not easy to find the first time, but once there it feels like you’ve been welcomed into a secret home!
Go to the Two Brothers Roundhouse for the beer, stay to check out the history. The Roundhouse is a 155 year old 70,000 square foot facility that used to be the turnaround point for trains. Now, it’s home to a restaurant, sports tavern, live music, and wedding/event banquet rooms. Not to mention an incredible outdoor area in warm weather. My favorite lunch dish here? Toss up between the Chimi-Turkey and the Grilled-Veggie Sandwiches.

I mentioned Two Brothers in the morning, here’s a title of theirs you may not know…Two Brothers Coffee Roasters!

Yes, they roast their own coffee now, and it is probably the best coffee I’ve ever had. In light of their commitment to the environment, you can even find out in which lot your coffee beans were grown.

So, what time of day do you enjoy your Two Brothers?

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