Day 37: Designer Jeans...dirt cheap!

I live in jeans. I wish it weren’t the case, and that I really did mix it up with nice pants or a skirt more often. But that rarely happens, especially in the winter. It all started with my first pair of Paper, Denim, and Cloth jeans.

image (fyi-that’s not me!)

I’m sure somewhere along the line I also had a pair of Jordache, and my husband still makes the occasional wise-crack about my Z Cavaricci’s (one of the downsides of your husband knowing you through every fashion “trend”).  I’ve always been most comfortable in jeans.

There’s something about the fit of Lucky and Seven jeans that makes me “happy, happy, happy.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m not willing to shell out $100 (even $75) for a pair of jeans. Yes, I know the whole cost/wear theory, but I just can’t apply that to jeans.

How in the world can I get great designer jeans for under $30? Since my sister lives in a college town, we quickly learned that college girls love to sell their clothes. My assumption? Beer money trumps cool clothes.

So, I’m making the drive to Encore. It is a true resale shop. Don’t expect bells & whistles and fancy chandeliers like at Posh.  It is fairly organized, though. And, they have items for kids and men too. Encore is where I’ve score two pair of Paper, Denim, Cloth ($15 each), a pair of Lucky for $12, and a pair of Seven for all Mankind jeans for $22.

The other reason why I love resale shops for jeans- they’ve usually been hemmed already! Since I’m rather vertically-challenged, I apprecitate when someone else has already paid for the “original hem” altering.

Like any resale shop, Encore is totally hit or miss. Don’t worry there are a few other really cute stores in the area, and a few great food options (yes, 50 cent beers still exist!). I’ll spotlight a few more of these great finds soon.

For now, I need a new pair of jeans!

On a random note…could people please stop opening cupcake “bakeries” and bring back fresh baked bread!

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