Pictures From Fire Island Dance Festival

Fire Island Dance Festival….it’s such a simple statement, but what an amazing experience.  No cars on the island, just human nature at its best, even animals walking around not scared of anything.  It was very unusual but natural, and rather incredible to be around.  
I was a bit surprised just how amazing everyone was welcoming us as artists to the island and to the festival.  They were so welcoming and open in every way.  The whole thing was almost too good to be true….for example, you can leave your house open with nothing to worry about…it’s nearly inconceivable and certainly nothing I’ve ever seen before.
But this is Fire Island. Nothing’s impossible.
I joined some incredible dancers for the benefit performance raising money for AIDS….Marcelo Gomez, Yuan Yuan Tan, Damian Smith, my partner Erica Lynette Edwards, dancers from Alvin Ailey as well as dancers from “So You Think You Can Dance” (Travis Wall).  The performance raised over $253,000….an undeniable success I was grateful to be a part of…
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