Geraldo Rivera bashes Lou Dobbs

I’ve written several blog posts about Lou Dobbs and the Basta Dobbs campaign to remove him from CNN.


Geraldo Rivera

Now a prominent Latino television journalist has come out and slammed Lou Dobbs. That’s Geraldo Rivera.

At an event in New York sponsored by the Spanish-language daily, El Diario La Prensa, Rivera described Dobbs as a “hate monger” and “a man who was an accomplished journalist.”

“(Dobbs) discovered that one of the ways to get people watch was to make of the image of a young Latino trying to get into this country a profoundly negative icon,” Rivera said.

“Lou Dobbs is almost single-handedly responsible for creating, for being the architect of the young Latino as scapegoat for everything that ails this country,” Rivera added.

You can see his full comments in a video if you continue reading.
Rivera also said he called his boss who told him that Dobbs is not moving to Fox News. Too bad because that really is where he belongs alongside Bill O’Reilly.

don’t quite understand why Rivera is on FOX since he has a more liberal
viewpoint than just about everybody on that network. But Rivera has
been known for his brand of sensationalistic journalism.

hasn’t been one of my journalistic heroes but I give him credit for
calling out Dobbs as you can see in the following video, where also
calls Barack Obama our first Latino president.


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  • Without Lou Dobb's commentaries Americans would never be aware of the cloaked agenda from the open border zealots. Lou brought the absolute--TRUTH--not propaganda or lies related to the 20 to 30 million illegal immigration invasion from every corner of the world? Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging--FREE SPEECH-- or of the press. Now these ethnic caucuses are pushing to silence Mr. Lou Dobbs? Why don't these illegal aliens go home and try shoving their opinion down the throats of other world governments. NOT IN AMERICA? For decades taxpayers have been the payee for anybody who can steal into this nation, thanks to incompetent administrations. No wonder these ethnic caucuses want good old Lou off the airwaves--THE CANNOT BARE THE UGLY TRUTH?


    Call and blast your Senators and Representative at 202-224-3121 in Washington. Overwhelming the switchboard with your calls, as it is having an outstanding effect of--MILLIONS of angry voters. THEY ARE BEGINNING TO LISTEN AND REACT? INFORM THEM DO YOUR DUTY OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES ON RE-ELECTION DAY? Tell them you want a PERMANENT E-Verify for--EVERY WORKER, a secure double layer fence and--REAL--enforcement against sanctuary state policies. Read undisclosed facts, statistics and lawmakers immigration enforcement grades of politicians at NUMBERSUSA. UNEARTH the corruption in government at JUDICIAL WATCH. Your voice is needed to halt OVERPOPULATION and American Worker survival. Demand NO-MORE-AMNESTIES. They should--GO--home and come through the front door, like millions of honest legal immigrants? Report any irregularities in your workplace to ICE. Be a patriotic American, Whistle-Blower and inform of illegal activity to ICE. Your job--COULD BE NEXT?

  • In reply to Carracticus:

    So much hatred.... get a life!!

  • In reply to Carracticus:

    Listen to Geraldo and any number of persons with a latino heritage and the first thing you'll hear them say is racism. Lou Dobbs show is all about bringing attention to the illegal immigration problem that is destroying this country. These people have no argument so they scream racism. Well Ladies and Gentlemen the issue is illegal and if Geraldo and the rest of his followers can't tell the difference they are alway's going to scream racism beacause it's all they have and that means they have NOTHING. And to you Kellyt your another one of them that instead of educating your self on this subject you just call our opinion hatred. How pitiful you are to even think such a thing. This illegal immigration problem is real and if we as a nation do not get it under control now the over population of this country will bring the standard of living down to that of the very countries all these people are fleeing from. That means your life Kellyt and that of all your relatives. The only ones that will not be effected by this illegal immigration problem are those who already have all they will ever need and enough to take care of their entire families for generations to come. Of course these are the same people that are making money off the slave wages that are paid to the illegal immigrant which as you'll see possibly first hand in the next few years just how far the pay has fallen for the average American citizen. GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL

  • In reply to Carracticus:

    Geraldo is an idiot! This nitiwt had the nerve to claim President Obama as the "First Lation" President! WTF!! He said, this interestinmg remark in the above clip. Claiming Obama looks Puerto Rican, again WTF!!And that if it was not for the Latinos he would not be int eh Office! Um, sorry wrong qoute!Blacks overwhelmily put that guy in the office! They will come out to vote if put a sock in it Geraldo...oh did you find any vaults lately LOL!!! IDIOT!!

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