Best Buy offers iPad 2 to employees??

Happy Monday to everyone out there! Another start of the week for everyone. 
We all know that we hate Monday’s. But if you are in a job that you like 
you can’t wait for Monday’s to come. Now onto today’s Monday blog. 
If you have ever worked for a company you know that when the boss of the company
ever puts a prize for everyone to obtain, all the employees will work a little 
harder and morale is always upbeat. There is a rumor floating around the 
internet. That Best Buy will be distributing to all of it’s sales team at all 
retail locations will be receiving the new iPad 2. This is always a good prize 
for everyone. 
They did talk to some important people within the company to say if they could 
confirm the rumor. And all they got was that they couldn’t confirm nor deny 
the rumor. So it must be something that will be true. I really think that if 
you want your sales associates to sell the merchandise you must have them try 
the devices first and then they can tell there customers that I have tried 
this product and I recommend it to you. 
I know first hand that when I was working at a retail store, and when I would 
tell a customer I have used this product and I recommend it to you. They are 
more likely to purchase it then the customer trying at their own risk. 
Every store including the Best Buy stores, Verizon stores will have the iPad 2 
available this Friday March 11th. I bet there will be long lines awaiting most 
folks. Because this is a must have item for most folks. 
So if you are an employee of Best Buy and reading this. And if you know of 
something happening. Let me know on this blog. And you can confirm the rumor
or deny the rumor. Or when it does happen. Let this blog know. 

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