"90-Second Newbery" Video Contest

Last week local author James Kennedy (The Order of Odd-Fish) announced a new contest that he is currating in conjunction with New York Public Library’s Betsy Bird. The 90-Second Newbery Video Contest challenges folks to take past Newberry Award winning novels and turn them into 90 second films.

Kennedy is looking for films that are “full-on dramatizations, with mostly child actors, that manage to tell the entire story of a book in an ridiculously short amount of time”. He is also planning a star-studded 90-Second Newbery Film Festival at the New York Public Library in Fall of 2011. If you could tell that this was going to be hugh, Kennedy posted an example film based on “A Winkle In Time” six days ago and it already has bee viewed over 55,000 times!

For more on 90-Second Newbery you can visit the contest’s website.

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