Postcard fiction writing prompt: zombies!

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The last postcard-sized flash fiction writing challenge was such a hill of fun that I thought we’d do it again.

The rules are the same: write short fiction about this photograph*, and make sure the complete piece is 100 words or less. Then, post it in the comments section. You have until noon tomorrow. Ready? Set? Go!

*This photograph, by the by, was taken by yours truly and not doctored up in the least. It seems that a certain city (cough, cough) has road construction signs which are (cough, cough) insanely easy to hack and customize. I’m not even kidding. Just sayin’.

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  • No wonder they died.

    They knew with enough time to put up a sign, and yet, all they did was put up a sign.

    Zombies are no different in death as they were in life.


  • No memory of what transpired, I took a step into the burning city. I needed to get my bearings, and fast. No telling what kind of tragedy had transpired.

    My first priority was to get back home, it seemed I was several miles north. All of a sudden I remembered. Amy. I was having lunch with Amy.

    I crossed street after street wondering where Amy went. Where anyone was. Slowly my memory was returning, and as I turned onto another street, I realized what happened. I saw something.

    A road construction sign with the words

  • Ohhh... writing the blogess into the flash fiction! Quite a tactic, Mr. Garcia.

  • She is last name-less... though you may find out who she is (possible its you) and where she is, in a future postcard fiction...

  • Hilarious! Why do I suddenly see a rash of construction-sign-hacking pranks ahead?

  • Driving along the coast of Los Angeles I was one with the highway, temporarily shaded from the confusion of the world.

  • Elvis alighted from his guitar-shaped leopard print clad flying saucer on the streets of Chicago. It had been years since he had returned to Earth. He had a hankering for some of Big Mama

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