Printers Row Lit Fest Wrap-Up

Great success in Colonel Tribune’s ChicagoNow booth at Printers Row Lit Fest this weekend in Chicago. I met a ton of people, saw did a series of live-stream author interviews on the spot for Chicago Subtext throughout the weekend and hung out with the ChicagoNow gang including staff and fellow ChicagoNow bloggers Jason Chin of An Improvised Blog, Candace Collins Jordan of Candid Candace (note the group shot on her post about Printers Row Lit Fest), Rob Sherman of Godless in Chicago, Theresa Puente of Chicanisima and Theresa Carter of The Local Tourist.

Also, throughout the weekend at Printers Row Lit Fest, Chicago Subtext launched the 100 Quintessential Chicago Books List Project, which is, readers dear, exactly as it sounds. Over the next several months, I’ll be building a list of the one hundred books which best both capture and contribute to Chicago. The list will be be assembled in monthly installations by genre, which we’ll discuss here on Chicago Subtext each month as we go.

I started with the classic Chicago novel and so, all weekend, I urged visitors to the ChicagoNow booth at Printers Row Lit Fest to cast votes on their favorite classic Chicago novels. The first round of votes for the classic Chicago novel from the weekend are in and tallied, and this week you’ll have a chance to weigh in, too. (Stay tuned!)

See photos from the weekend taken by local photographer and filmmaker Tiffiany Tate here, who was wonderful to volunteer her time along with Scott Murphy, co-founder of the Chicago Nerd Social Club, who kept the technical logistics in check during the live interviews. A big thank you to them both, as well as to everyone who came by and said hello during the festival.

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