Chicago is three times as deadly as NYC and twice as violent as LA

Chicago’s murder rate was nearly three times higher than New York City’s last year, according to The Chicago Reporter’s analysis of preliminary 2009 crime statistics, released late last month by the FBI. The rate of violent crime in Chicago was almost double the rates for both New York City and Los Angeles, according to the Reporter’s analysis.

On May 24, 2010, the FBI released its preliminary annual uniform crime report for 2009. The report includes preliminary crime figures for more than 270 cities with a population of 100,000 or more. The Reporter analyzed the murder and violent crime statistics for those cities. Murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault and aggravated battery are considered violent crimes.

Chicago’s murder rate, slightly more than 16 murders per 100,000 residents, ranked 30th, and its rate of violent crime–about 1,125 incidents per 100,000 residents–ranked 27th. However, among the nation’s 10 largest cities, each with a population of one million or more, only Philadelphia had higher rates of murder and violent crime than Chicago. Furthermore, the FBI’s violent crime total for Chicago did not include any of the city’s 1,443 incidents of criminal sexual assault, which is a broader classification than the FBI’s forcible rape category. Including just 700 of those crimes would bump Chicago to 24th on the list for violent crime rate.

Click here to download a

spreadsheet with murder and violent crime statistics and rankings

for all cities included in the report.

New Orleans ranked as America’s deadliest city with more than 51 murders per 100,000 residents. With a rate of 2,070 violent crime incidents per 100,000 residents, St. Louis ranked as the nation’s most violent city. St. Louis, Detroit, Baltimore, and Flint, Mich. were the only cities among the nation’s top 10 for both murder rate and violent crime rate. The table below shows the nation’s 10 deadliest cities based on their murders per 100,000 residents in 2009.



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  • More Blacks equals more crime. 13% of the population makes up 46% of the prison population. When violent crime is factored in, Blacks excel.

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    In reply to LouisCypher:

    Also idiotic. Are you aware that THERE ARE INNOCENTS WHO GET CONVICTED? You're NAIVE if you think 100% of the prison population is actually guilty of the crime that locked up the individual. Also you're unaware that BLACK PEOPLE GET ROUNDED UP and are much more likely to be assumed to be guilty. You're ignorance and fear of black people is evidence that THERE IS SUCH THING AS RACISM and to act like that black people who have been discriminated against for centuries to suddenly be given an equally fair trial is retarded. Yes that's right. RETARDED. It's called black people are suspected of committing crimes when walking down the street. You have NO idea or concept of what urban living is like! I couldn't harm a fly! And I'd be freaking stupid to try to wreck my life! Your attitude is the problem AND THE REASON WHY SO MANY BLACK PEOPLE ARE IN JAIL! IT'S YOU!

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    In reply to LouisCypher:

    So tell me this...How is it that in the last decade chicago lost almost 200,000 blacks and yet it's crime rate continues to rise? There is no god-dang scientific way that something as stupid as the color of skin can even POSSIBLY be the deciding factor of whether a neighborhood is more violent. You might have people who are disenfranchised because they're black leading to a poorer quality of life which in turn leads to the person more likely robbing the bank down the street to feed themselves. You might have that. But I'm not going to suddenly say "I'm black! Time to rob a bank." You sound ABSOLUTELY REDICULOUS!

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    In reply to Jeremy Weinland:

    And you are a moron because it IS a black problem. They are killing more, raping more and stealing more. Do some research on the FBI stats you wing nut and quit being so misinformed.

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    So how is that whole "Gun control" thing working for you folks???
    Ps. heres a clue,, criminals dont follow the law.

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    In reply to Jeff Taylor:

    You sir, are an idiot. You don't understand that when you ban guns, you make it much much harder for criminals to even have access to the guns, thus making it much harder for them to even break that law. What you said was so simple minded! California doesn't allow semi-automatic guns, and whadda-ya-know?! We haven't had any problems!

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    In reply to Jeremy Weinland:

    LOL, no you are the true idiot with his head someplace unpleasant.

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    OMG, I was just going to move to Chicago to start my massage chairs shop but you just scared me badly man, can you please let me know the current situation out there? I'm anxiously waiting for your unbiased reply. Thankyou Alden Loury.

    Ewan Sims
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    Hi Ewan,

    Former Chicago an, now live in New York City. To answer your question, Chicago is one of the most dangerous cities in the Chicago. It's not a black problem. That's an easy cop out white Americans like to imply to hide the fact that most of their ancestors are guilty of slavery, lynchings, and genocide including toward women and children.

    Unemployment is sky high.

    Racial tension and division is ludicrous. It's not even funny. If you are minority, you would have a hard time socially and economically. It really is a troubled place.

    I would suggest New York City, Los Angeles, or perhaps San Francisco. Best of luck to you and I hope I answered your questions.

    Kind Regards,

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