Update to Three Reasons Donald Trump is Working for Hillary Clinton

Update to Three Reasons Donald Trump is Working for Hillary Clinton
Which one is the real couple?

This is definitely one of those times when you hate to be right.  On August 8th of 2015 I wrote an article on why I thought that Donald Trump was not a legitimate candidate and was probably just working with Hillary Clinton to virtually guarantee her a presidential victory in 2016 and it seems that I may have been right.

Let’s be real for a moment and step back from the whole Red vs. Blue thing and take a good look at what our choices are for the highest office in the land.  Both Democrats and Republicans are dumbfounded that we are faced with an unabashedly egotistical loudmouth who works great if you are looking for a host of a reality TV show and a habitual liar who would sell her mother to any foreign power that would donate the largest amount to the Clinton Foundation.  Of course the donation would have to go through the non-profit, Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (Canada) so that the donor can remain secret.

I know that I have told my friends in the past that I would vote for a monkey if it ran against Hillary Clinton and I actually might have to write one in.  I wonder what the monkey who played Marcel on Friends is up to these days?

Katie better known as "Marcel" from Friends fame might make a good candidate!

Katie better known as “Marcel” from Friends fame might make a good candidate!


I probably consider myself more of a Republican when it comes to my history of voting but I would have seriously voted for Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren over Donald Trump.  I just can’t stand the thought of either a Donald Trump or a Hillary Clinton as leader of the free world.

What Hillary is doing is classic Chicago political shenanigans.  I know, I know she is from Park Ridge which isn’t technically Chicago but it is definitely part of Crook (I mean Cook) County.  If you want to win at Poker or an election you need a Trump card. (Sorry I had to)  You need to make sure that you install someone as a monkey or a stooge to run against you.   You need someone who doesn’t mind tarnishing their image in order to benefit financially (Sort of like a reality TV star for instance).  How Trump would benefit financially is anyone’s guess though.  Heck if he loses and writes a book about his unsuccessful run for president that would sell like hotcakes.  We probably will never know but my guess is that Trump’s bank account will grow shortly after the election.

In the article that I posted almost one year ago I mentioned that Clinton’s goal was to divide and conquer the Republican Party and that goal was accomplished.  I also mentioned that we might have a Trump as an “accidental candidate” if he did his job too well which brings us to today.

So what does Trump do in order to make sure he doesn’t accidentally land in the oval office in January?  Well he can back down and throw up his hands and resign as a candidate based on his assertions that the system is rigged (Ironic since I believe that he is part of the rigging) or he could implode which is probably the most believable of choices.

What I mean by that is that he probably won’t resign for a couple of reasons.  The first and foremost is that it wouldn’t benefit Hillary.  By dropping as a candidate that would mean the Republicans could nominate someone that could re-unite the Party and might even bring over some jilted Bernie supporters.  The other reason is that backing down doesn’t fit the TRUMP brand.  It doesn’t fit the reality TV image that has proven so lucrative for him.

So what option does that leave Mr. Trump.   Implode Baby!  Implode!  In other words, keep being Donald Trump the brand.  Keep spouting off at the mouth at the slightest provocation.  The latest spout where he denigrated the mother of a slain U.S. soldier was a doozy!  That might even be enough to move some of the crazier Trump supporters to not even vote come November or maybe he will actually have to go out on New York’s 5th Avenue and start shooting people as he suggested would boost his poll numbers.  Either way if he continues to be Donald Trump he will only garnish the support of people who are simply voting against Hillary which ultimately will not be enough.

I think that the Secret Service should start developing a plan to keep Bill off the interns and to borrow my favorite line from The Devil Wears Prada, “Alright everyone! Gird your loins!”


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