Three Reasons Why Donald Trump is Probably Working for Hillary Clinton

Three Reasons Why Donald Trump is Probably Working for Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump is the an early Christmas present for the Democratic Party

UPDATE:  Three Reasons Trump is Working for Hillary Clinton – August 4, 2016

UPDATE:  Donald Trump Takes a Dive at First Debate


You might be wondering why a history blogger is venturing into the crazy world of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and the reality show of the 2016 presidential race.  Well to be more specific, I am actually a Chicago history blogger.  Anyone who has studied the history of Chicago has also been a student of the ruthless, cutthroat, immoral and many times corrupt environment of Chicago politics which is a heck of a lesson in politics as a whole.

In the interest of full disclosure I do not truly identify with either the Republican or Democratic Party although my voting has leaned very strongly to the Republican.  I am truly, as many Americans are now, interested more in who is best for the country and not necessarily what party they belong to.  I also have functioned as an election judge for the past 5 years and am registered as a republican judge but only because you are not allowed to act as an independent judge or any other party judge for that matter.

So why do I have a strong suspicion that Donald Trump is secretly working for the Democratic Party?

Reason One:  Distraction

If you recall, Hillary Clinton was under serious negative pressure from the media.  She was under scrutiny for a myriad of issues from Benghazi, her private email server, the Clinton Foundation and foreign government donations, and questions about her fundraising to name a few.

Trump has been a great distraction for Hillary

Trump has been a great distraction for Hillary

Then along comes Trump.  Cascading down the escalator on June 16, 2015 to announce that he is running for the presidency as a republican, and oh yeah to mention how Mexico is sending drug dealers and rapists across the border!

At that moment in time both the conventional media and social media said, “Hillary who?”

Let’s face it. Trump, while supposedly leading in the polls, is a train wreck.  You don’t really want to stare but you just can’t look away.  While he does say out loud what many people are thinking he says it in a way to create controversy and web site views and ultimately it takes a huge amount of pressure and scrutiny off of Hillary.

In addition he has made a concerted effort to alienate the Hispanic as well as the female population through insensitive although more than likely well planned inflammatory comments and has done that as a republican. (Not surprisingly the two market segments that republicans have been trying to win over

Reason Two:  The Possible Accidental Candidate

I am not a big believer in polls but they do tend to influence the decisions of the voters and according to many of them Trump, at least before the first republican primary debate, was the leading republican candidate.  Many people I have spoken with who are voters both democratic and republican are becoming more and more convinced that while he is a leader in the polls he is not taking his run seriously and do not see him as a serious candidate.  What that means is that if the RNC by some miracle or tragedy gives Trump “the nod” then Hillary will almost certainly beat Trump in the general election.

Reason Three:  Divide and Conquer

Let’s say that Trump doesn’t receive the republican nomination.  He has already said during the first debate that he cannot guarantee that he will not run as an independent.  He was the only candidate of the ten that wouldn’t make that guarantee.  I appreciate his honesty but what does that mean?

What it means is that the republicans that do believe in Donald Trump for president will pull votes away from the republican nominee thereby splitting the votes and also virtually guarantee a Hillary Clinton victory.  (That applies to any of the republican hopefuls who could run as independents in the general election and not only Donald Trump)

Conclusion: Americans are Smarter than the Politicians Think

If Donald Trump is not a political ploy or plant then Hillary must just be the luckiest candidate in recent history and can consider this an early Christmas present.   If Donald gets the nomination, Hillary is in.  If Donald doesn’t get the nomination and runs as an independent then Hillary is in.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  I have faith in the voters and our system.  I believe that Americans are much smarter than the politicians give us credit for.  Don’t fall for the political games that Chicagoans and those that follow Chicago politics are so familiar with.

In 2016 vote for who you truly believe will help our country and put the interests of the American people over their own personal interests and economic gains.  This applies to all voters whether you consider yourself a republican, democrat, independent or any other party affiliation.  And finally, make sure that you actually vote.  One other trick that politicians use to gain or remain in power is the power of apathy.


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